Amazing Adventure

With high-quality cameras built into most smartphones these days, there’s no reason why you can’t capture professional quality shots during your next vacation. Whether you own a fancy camera or you stick to your smartphone, stay tuned for a few helpful hints on how to shoot like an expert.



Natural light is always the best to shoot in, preferably early morning or later afternoon until sunset. Cloudy days provide excellent lighting for photography as well. Only use flash if you absolutely have to, as natural lighting generally sets the tone for the best pictures.


Focus On Candids

Sometimes posed pictures are just too, well, posed. Opt for random, candid shots instead. Capturing someone living in the moment always generates the most magic through the lens. Don’t forget to hold that camera still. There is a reason why professionals use tripods. Holding it steady will give your camera the best shot at focusing. Tip: set your phone on a wall, rock or table, then capture the photo – it works like a tripod for you.  



Luckily you don’t need to know how to use photoshop to create stellar images these days. With so many apps to choose from, editing your shots has never been easier. Check out the VSCO editing app for a simple way to boost your snaps to the next level.


Off Center

When trying to capture a shot that is photo album worthy, consider creating a nice balanced shot rather than just people centered in the shot. Think mountains on the left and people on the right. Or flowering bush in the top left and people in the bottom right. Play with creating a little balance with the environment behind the shot instead of covering it up!

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