Amazing Adventure

With outdoor wonders lurking behind every corner, Moab will certainly bring you and your family back to the awe of nature. Here are a few activities you won’t wanna miss on your next visit to the picturesque land of red rocks.


  1. Hiking

With so many natural landscapes in this area, you really can’t go wrong with an old-fashioned hike. Arches National Park, Canyonlands, and Dead Horse Point State Park are some of the most well-known areas, but there are dozens of other trails to check out as well. Plan to hike early in the mornings to avoid the hot sun as well as tourists. And don’t forget to pack lots of water and snacks! Try bringing nutrient-dense foods such as nuts, beef jerky, and dried fruit to keep everyone on board a happy camper.


  1. River Adventures

The Colorado River in this area is simply stunning. Surrounded by the massive red rocks and countless cliffs, you won’t wanna miss out on this peaceful escape. Choose between river rafting, stand-up paddleboarding, canoeing, or jet-boating to personalize your Moab water haven.  


  1. Jeeping

Known as America’s off-roading capital, Moab is home to some gnarly terrain that will keep your adrenaline pumping for more adventures. Don’t feel limited to treading only the popular spaces in Moab either. Rolling in a Jeep, Troller, Polaris, or any other off-roader truly gives you the freedom to carve your own path. Try going early in the morning to avoid crowds of tourists, especially when visiting on a weekend. Wanting to rent a Jeep for the day to join in on the fun? Click here to make a reservation.


  1. Biking

Slickrock, Porcupine Rim, Bartlett Wash, and The Whole Enchilada are among the more popular sites for mountain biking, however, there are countless other trails to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing ride or a daring adventure, there are plenty of options to suit you and your family’s needs.


  1. Dinosaur Exploring

Just when you thought Moab couldn’t get any cooler! Enjoy the prehistoric thrill of these mighty beasts at the Museum of Moab, Paleosafari Moab Giants, and even follow dinosaur tracks at Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trail or The Copper Ridge Sauropod Tracksite. You and the kids will love taking a peek into the lives of these ancient giants.


Moab remains one of the most well-rounded and stunning sites in the world to visit. You’re definitely gonna want to keep this place on the list for the next family getaway.

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