Amazing Adventure

You need a break. The stressors of life can leave anyone feeling a little worn out. Even if you are well-balanced and don’t think a break is needed, check out these ideas for how to make your Spring vacation perfectly Adult-sized.


  • Go somewhere new. If you have already been to a location, cross it off your list. Give yourself the adventure to a new location. It doesn’t have to be a destination thousands of miles away (it could be though..!), just something that will spark the refreshing energy that we only get when we experience something brand-new.


  • What’s your theme style? Spring break for kids is usually something well-suited for children. Parents spend good time evaluating and thinking about what type of trip is best suited for the specific age, gender and likes of their children. Why not do that as adults too? Think about what your ‘style’ is. What do you like – music (think concert venue), food (go visit somewhere with excellent food options), outdoor activities (find a destination with great hiking, scenery, or weather at your travel time). Even if this year’s spring vacation includes your family, weigh those factors into your planning so that your break can have an adult component too. If you are traveling solo, with friends or significant other sans kids, set a spring break plan for yourself in the spring months that do not have school-age spring breaks on the calendar.


  • Make a plan. Whether trying to make your family spring break have an ‘adult’ component or going on an adults only vacation. Making a bucket list of sorts will make sure that you get the most out of your vacation. Pick approximately 2 things per day that you want to do while on your trip. These can be simple like: read a book or magazine for 1 hour or walk through downtown. Or, they can be slightly more ambitious/specific like eat at Michelin 3-star Michelin rated restaurant, hike to the top of a famous landmark or find some local music and go listen one evening.


Americans have a tendency to combine work with play or put our entire focus on a go-go-go or family only approach. Rather, give yourself a break and practice what the Swedish call  Lagom (pronounced “lar-gohm”) which is “Not too little. Not too much. Just right.” Take back your travel.

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