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Flying, in general, can tend to be an ordeal, but traveling for work is often even more demanding. Here are a few tips to ensure that your next business trip runs smoothly.


  1. Pack in a carry-on

This may seem a little daunting for some, but keep in mind that less is more. The last thing you really need is for your luggage to be misplaced the day before your big presentation. Give yourself the peace of mind and create a list of the items that are crucial for your trip. Furthermore, make sure you fully understand the dress code before packing your typical go-to outfits for work — it could be completely different than what you’re used to.  


  1. Bring snacks

Nothing is worse than rushing to your meeting in the morning, only to realize that you forgot to eat breakfast. How will your mental clarity persist if you aren’t properly fueled? Make sure you pack plenty of nutrient dense, non-messy foods for your trip. Some healthy options include mixed nuts, granola bars, and dried fruit.


  1. Create an itinerary

We never plan to fail; we only fail to plan. Having a written schedule of flight information, meeting times, and lunch breaks will tremendously save you from scrambling around last minute. Create the list both on paper and on your phone as well just in case.

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