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Americans can sometimes forget how many beautiful and interesting places there are right here within our borders. If you are looking for a place to visit that is full of charm, history, and allure you may want to consider Napa Valley. This area conveniently located north of San Francisco CA boasts rolling hillsides covered with fields of grapevine, gourmet food, hot springs, and castles. It’s sort of like a little slice of Europe, Americanized, and with less travel expense to get there.

The local Wine Train & Castle Tour combo, allows you to ride a train through the picturesque valley and includes a visit (with a scheduled stop and shuttle) to the Castello di Amoroso. The train employees are well known for an impeccable type of service we all hope for, but hardly ever see. It is refreshing to see how much pride they take in the train and their service. Experience a 13th-century–style Tuscan castle and winery offers guided tours of the castle & tastings of Italian-inspired wines. The castle interiors include 107 rooms on 8 levels above and below ground. The castle also features a moat, drawbridge, defensive towers, a torture chamber, a chapel/church, a knights’ chamber, and a 72 by 30 feet great hall with a 22 foot -high coffered ceiling.

For foodies, you can enjoy everything from scrumptious bakeries and quirky cafe style meals to high-end world-class dining (think sparkling wine and caviar).

If you are feeling the bougie dining spot vibe, check out Yountville: The Hollywood of Napa, if you will, is home to The French Laundry and several other Michelin-rated restaurants.

Or try something more down-to-earth like Downtown Napa: Running along the Napa River and positioned at the south end of the Valley, this is the area’s largest metropolitan zone. In recent years, its working-class backbone has yielded to an upswing in polished restaurants, bars, and hotels.

If you need a getaway, or simply have always wanted to visit and explore some of California, let Napa be your next destination.

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